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Solution Spotlight

Pre-Welding Heating Systems
Specially designed systems in 120v, 240v, and 480v that utilize our tubular and cast heater manufacturing process. Available in 12", 24", 36" 48", 60" and 72" designs to provide localized preheating for containing and tank welding processes, as well as in shipbuilding, bridge fabrication, heavy equipment and machinery production and high-rise construction.
1/4 and 1/2 Inch Cartridge Heaters

Ideal for space-restricted applications in the packaging, aerospace, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, 3D printing and gas chromatography industries. Fully swaged to increase dielectric strength, heat transfer and tolerance to shock and vibration. Helically-wound resistance wire produces higher watt densities and contributes to longer service life.

Ceramic Heaters

High-performance aluminum nitride construction for excellent thermal characteristics, high electrical isolation and superior chemical and corrosive resistance over traditional metal heaters. Alternative heating source for copiers, glue guns, soldering equipment, welding and sealing equipment, wire and die bonding, integrated circuit (IC) testing, mass spectrometry and medical devices.


Silicone Flexible Heaters

Resist radiation, moisture, compression setting, weathering, fungus, oils, solvents and chemical degradation.  Uses include storage tanks, process vats, dip tanks, heat tracing systems, low-temperature ovens, water and feed toughs and conveyor systems. Control options include thermostats, thermistors, thermocouples, RTDs and thermal fuses.

Drum, Barrel and Bucket Heaters

Constructed from vulcanized, flexible silicone rubber with fiberglass reinforcement.  Built for durability and long life, as well as resistant to moisture, ozone, fungus, radiation and chemicals.  We carry a huge selection of 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallon sizes for use with metal or plastic, including difficult to find dual voltage models.  We can manufacture any special size to meet your requirements.

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High-Temp Industries is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of precision mechanical components, sensing and monitoring devices and industrial automation equipment for the flow, discrete and process manufacturing industries.

Founded in 2001, we are a team of highly skilled and seasoned product specialists, designers, engineers and professional tradesmen that apply industrial and mechanical design; rapid prototyping; simulation, rigorous controlled testing; and commercial validation towards addressing our customer’s technological needs.  High-Temp Industries’ products have assisted over 1,500 businesses of all sizes to run their critical operations without worry.  We take our demand for leadership seriously, continually delivering better, next-generation solutions and services to the marketplace.

Our deep capabilities allow us to serve our customers rapidly and around the clock, no matter where they are in the world. At High-Temp Industries, compromise is simply not an option. Our company is committed to 100% customer satisfaction through quality products, quick delivery, unconditional warranties and free lifetime technical support. We stock thousands of items, have the ability to manufacture even the most complex of solutions and guarantee our prices to be the most competitive in the industry.

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