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High-Temp Hot Runner Cables

High-Temp Industries; Hot Runner Cables are designed and manufactured for ease of use and simple repair without having to shorten the cable. Made with robotic grade industrial poly conduit and individually stranded 16 gauge wire, our cables are designed for years of use over conventional Hot Runner cables. High-Temp Industries' cables are assembled using the highest quality components on the market, we utilize machine pins not crimp pins not crimp pins as other companies do, so the pins will never simply push out.

Varieties of Hot Runner Cables;

  • 4 pin single zone

  • 16 pin 8 zone, Single or Dual Dow

  • 24 pin 12 zone, Single or Dual Dow

  • 32 pin, 16 zone, Single or Dual Dow

  • 48 pin, 24 zone, Single or Dual dow

  • 6 pin, 30 amp, 3 zone

  • 12 pin, 30 amp, 6 zone

  • DME Replacement Cables available in 12, 6 or 5 zone.


HBE Connectors available for purchase for repair of existing cables, as well as bases and hoods.

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