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High-Temp Hot Runner Controllers

High-Temp Industries provides exceptional quality and reliability to the plastics industry with our HTI-20 Hot Runner Controller Series. Designed to withstand the most adverse working evnironments with ease, these units provide years of use with little to no maintenance. Engineered to be both informative and easy to us, the HTI-20 has the ability to read PT100 RTDs and thus be used by multiple markets. Switching from calibrations of all popular thermocouple types, including J, K, T, and E is accomplished via a simple selection change within the programming, while intelligent PID with pahse angle power output increases heater life and provides highly accurate temperature control for even the most demanding of applications. 


  • Accurate control +/- 1 F (.5 C) over the full temperature range

  • Self-diagnostics

  • Phase Angle Power output, to increase heater life

  • Auto Soft Start (Programmable and adjustable to meet individual material requirements)

  • Dehumidify mode (to remove moisture with the heaters prior to soft start to further improve heater life span.)

  • Dual voltage, can be run on either 120v or 240v with no changes.

  • Multiple inputs, Type J, K, E, T and others selectable via control buttons.

  • Either grounded or Ungrounded thermocouple junctions.

  • PT-100 input with only a internal jumper added.

  • Audible alarm.

  • Over current protection

  • Over temperature alarm

  • Shorted TRIAC/Heater protection

  • Input power fuse protection

  • Selectable degrees C or F

  • Thermocouple break indicator

  • Thermcouple wire reverse indicator

  • RS-485 communication allows remote access and control.

  • 2 (two) year warranty

Hot Runner Controller Mainframes:

High-Temp Industries Hot Runner Mainframes are designed and built to withstand harsh enviroments for years of reliable operation and low maintenance. Manufactured from high grade aircraft aluminum, these units are durable against physical damage. Completely interchangable with other manufactures' hot runner control modules and mainframes including Athena, ITC, MCS and others. Just insert the cards and operate the same as other mainframes. Available in standard configurations of up to 48 zones at 15 amps per zone and up to 6 zones for 30 amp systems.

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