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High-Temp Thermocouples

High Temp Industries manufactures a wide range of Thermocouples to fit your specific applications. From OEM thermocouples for DME, Husky, and Mold Master, to more specailized thermocouples like Fixed Melt Bolt or Shallow Nozzle thermocouples.  Whatever your needs are, High-Temp Industies can help.

Types of Thermocouples availaible:

Adjustable Thermocouples with Spring

  • This style of thermocouples, with a compression spring and bayonet lock-cap, allow for an adjustable depth so that the probe can read the temperature where you want it (up to 12" deep), for maximum accuracy.

Adjustable Depth RTD Sensors

  • These RTDs allow for the same range of adjustable depth as the Adjustable Thermocouples, but with the quick response time of RTD sensors.

Washer Style Surface Thermocouples

  • These simple, yet robust thermocouples use either 3/16" or 5/16" studs, and come in either Type J or K.

Hose Clamp Thermocouples

  • perfect for measuring Pipe or cylinder temperatures. Available in either type J or type K.

Shim Style Surface Thermocouples

  • Great for placing between a band heater and a barrel, ensuring accurate readings. 

Bendable General Purpose Thermocouples

  • Great for any enviroment and almost any temperature.

NB Newbury Nozzle Thermocouple

  • Perfect for injection molding machines.

Fixed Melt Bolt Thermocouple

  • Used in extruders and injection molding machines to directly measure the temperature of plastic as is moves through the nozzle.

Retractable Melt Thermocouples

  • Similar to Fixed Melt Bolt Sensors, the adjustable tip allows for temperature readings where your application needs them.

Shallow Nozzle Thermocouples

Fixed Depth Thermocouples

  • Fixed with a bayonet cap, and bent at either 0, 45 or 90 degrees.

Nissei Nozzle Thermocouples


MgO Insulated Thermocouples

  • These sensors are assembled using a thermocouple element swaged in a hard-packed Magnesium Oxide mineral insulation and encased in a metal sheath.

MI Thermocouples

  • The probes of these sensors are insulated by a malleable metal sheath, allowing the probes to be easily formed or bent, while protecting the Thermocouple or RTD from oxidation and hostile environments.

OEM DME Replacement Thermocouples

  • Thermocouples made to OEM standards and completely interchangable with DME systems.

OEM Husky Replacement Thermocouples

  • Thermocouples made to OEM standards, completely interchangable with Husky systems.

OEM Mold Master Replacement Thermocouples

  • Thermocouples made to OEM standards, completely interchangable with Mold Master systems.

Most varieties are available in either Type J or Type K.

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