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Flexible Tubular Heaters for Hot Runner Manifolds:

High-Temp Industries' HighFlex heaters are the new standard in tubular heating elements and the best choice for immediate, durable, high performance relplacement heaters. Available with same-day shipping in 6.5mm, 8.0mm, and 11 mm diameter sizes, Highflex Heaters eliminate costly downtime associated with waiitng for custom bent tubular heaters. Once recieved, simply install and resume production. 

HighFlex heaters are easily stored and improve thermal performance compared to traditional tubular heaters. Our heaters have improved heat transfer.  Installation cannot be any easier- Simply start in the middle of your mold channel, forming first at the marked center location of the HighFlex, then tap in place with a teflon or rubber mallet working your way to each end.

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